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Athletic training

Athletic training

Junior athlete, tennis player, golfer, soccer player, marathon runner or snowboard freestyle athlete?

Experienced athletes need professional inputs to achieve long-term progress, which is very close to our heart. With many years of experience, we adapt the high-quality training individually to the type of sport and the athlete or athlete. The most important factors for long-term training planning:

  • sport- and athlete-specific training composition: Strength, endurance, agility, speed, coordination.
  • Testing: Show progress and define new training priorities
  • mental training: just as important as all other training content

Our athletic trainers coach you at a central location: Fitcube in Zurich.

Training plan

Training plan

Get your professional training plan created!

You want us to create a professional training plan for you? We design your training for your independent training at home or in your fitness club.

After a detailed needs assessment with a sports analysis, you will receive your individual training plan. So you can train specifically for your personal goal, for your next tournament or competition.

The training periodization and the individually adjusted training program allow us to systematically adjust and change certain time periods, training parameters in the training program again and again.

For this offer, you first book a free trial training. In a conversation we discuss as your performance partner how and where you need our support. Is it an annual plan or just a training program? What personal goals do you want to achieve? We charge transparently depending on the effort.

Performance analysis

Performance analysis

Scientific performance analyses enable us to measure your strengths and weaknesses in a targeted manner, promote performance areas and thus help you to prevent injuries. For example, we carry out a submaximal endurance test (PWC test), mobility test, core strength test, jumping power test or strength test with you.

Would you like to additionally perform a spiroergometry or (BIA) med. body composition analysis? In close cooperation with our partners, we also offer these options.

Personal Training for Athletes | Young Athletes in Seefeld, Zurich

You want to prepare for the upcoming season, have registered for a tournament or are taking part in a competition? You are a competitive athlete and are looking for professional support in the preparation and competition phase? As a performance partner, Fitcube supports you professionally and comprehensively in training and therapy as an experienced competence center.

Your athletic training partner

Our goal is to help you improve your athletic performance, reduce the occurrence of injuries, and provide you with lifelong fitness and movement skills. We offer comprehensive support in all phases of training and planning. 

Based on performance tests, we create an individual strengths and weaknesses profile. We evaluate the requirements and characteristics of your sport in order to tailor your training to your sport. 

Through targeted periodization of training, we systematically adjust specific time periods and training parameters in your training program to achieve optimal results.

About us

Unleash your full potential with Fitcube - your specialist for customized training and sports/physiotherapy in Zurich. Our team of experts combines sports science, personal training and physiotherapy know-how to provide you with optimal support on your path to health, performance and well-being. - Learn more on our about us page.

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