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Our mission is to support amateur sportspeople, athletes and active seniors in improving their performance in the long term, preventing injuries and leading a healthier lifestyle. As a performance partner, we impart knowledge at eye level, provide individual support during training and help to identify strengths, weaknesses and goals.

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  • BSc Physiotherapy THIM
  • Dipl. Sports Physiotherapist i.A.

Whether you are an athlete or an everyday hero - as a physiotherapist, Nadine will help you achieve your best performance after accidents, operations or in injury prevention in a targeted manner and according to the latest scientific findings. And there's no shortage of fun either.

Tel. 043 818 55 11


  • Trainer competitive sports Swiss Olympic
  • Dipl. sports therapist
  • J+S Expert Snowboard
  • Fitness instructor with federal diploma

Anyone who wants to successfully enjoy sports, work and private life today must be mentally and physically strong.

As a personal trainer, Raphi advises and looks after athletes, amateur and recreational sportsmen and women, and active senior citizens who are motivated to develop themselves further through individually tailored training.

Tel. 043 818 55 11


  • MSc in Sports Science
  • Personal / Athletic Training
  • Performance/sport-specific tests

As a personal trainer in Lakefield, Sam's goal is to improve the quality of life of the people he trains and help them achieve their individual goals. He wants to share his knowledge and inspire his clients while having fun making them confident, happy and strong.

Tel. 043 818 55 11


  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • MSc Manual Therapy i.A.

"My aim is to work with each of my patients to achieve their individual therapy or training goal." As an experienced physiotherapist, Bartele treats patients of all ages, including those with neurological and orthopaedic complaints. Everyone from top athletes to enthusiastic recreational athletes and fit senior citizens benefit from his expertise. After completing his Bachelor's degree in the Netherlands, Bart is now deepening his knowledge in the Master's degree course in Manual Orthopaedic Therapy at the ZHAW.

Tel. 043 818 55 11


  • Master student in Human Movement Sciences ETH

Elisa, who is currently completing an internship at Fitcube, is doing her Master's in Exercise Science at ETH. She has a keen interest in promoting holistic health through physical activity and actively contributes her expertise to the team. Elisa leads training sessions, takes part in internal training courses and works on projects to improve Fitcube's offering. .

Tel. 043 818 55 11

FitCube is looking for qualified professionals

FitCube is looking for qualified professionals



Fitcube is the competence center for training and physiotherapy in Seefeld, Zurich.
Our dedicated team of sports scientists, personal trainers and physiotherapists work hand in hand. In this way, we guarantee the best possible support and help to prevent injuries, optimize performance and plan training. We regularly test abilities and progress. In the therapeutic area, we provide support in rehabilitation and in improving general well-being.
With our commitment to individualized care and treatment, people achieve their goals tailored to their specific and athletic needs.

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