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Sports physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy

Our specialized sports physiotherapists are dedicated to helping athletes and athletically active individuals with injuries, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. With targeted treatments, individual training plans and preventive measures, we offer you the best possible care to achieve your athletic goals.



Our experienced sports physiotherapists offer you targeted measures to prevent injuries and promote your health and mobility. With individual consultations, movement analyses and preventive exercise programs, we help you improve your physical fitness and identify potential problems at an early stage.

Sports Physiotherapy Seefeld Zurich

Unfortunately, depending on the sport, injuries can happen from time to time. Do you have chronic complaints or an injury? Would you like to be able to move unrestricted in everyday life and fully practice your sport again? Our experienced sports physiotherapists will be happy to treat you and help you avoid overstraining in the future. Together you will be able to realize your comeback efficiently.

Your sports physiotherapy partner

At Fitcube, selected sports physiotherapists take care of you in Seefeld, Zurich. Specialized in orthopedic, musculoskeletal and sport-specific treatments. They define your goals with you and support you in achieving them.

Sports physiotherapy for athletes | junior athletes

Specializing in sports injuries, sports-specific stress symptoms, injury prevention and recovery, our team of sports physical therapists will personally take care of your treatment and consultation.

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Unleash your full potential with Fitcube - your specialist for customized training and sports/physiotherapy in Zurich. Our team of experts combines sports science, personal training and physiotherapy know-how to provide you with optimal support on your path to health, performance and well-being. - Learn more on our about us page.



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